Bespoke Proposal Gift Pack


A surprise proposal is a wonderfully romantic thing. However, if you're considering a bespoke engagement ring its not always a good idea to create something one-off without your partner being involved - after all they will have to wear it every day!

We have a great solution. For a small deposit we can give you our "Proposal in a Box" - a beautiful presentation box and inside handwritten cards showing your consultation date, your jewellery designer and suggestions of places to stay over the weekend. Perhaps we have hand drawn a sketch to start off your design - or we might have sold you a beautiful gemstone - those would be in the box too.

Then once you've proposed, you can both start your newly engaged life by designing your own bespoke engagement ring together with us.


Our Proposal in a Box costs £24 which is deducted from your final bill if you go ahead with your engagement ring.

Presentation sketches cost £96.

Please contact us and we can make you a Proposal in a Box.