UKJA 2018

UKJA 2018

Written by Alice Rochester on 19 July 2018

With the school term coming to an end for another year it always feels like a time of reflection and this month alone has been a very busy one for Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. At the beginning of July we were privileged to attend the Artillery Gardens in London for the UK Jewellery Awards, having been nominated in the Ethical Jewellery Business of the Year category.

 The venue itself is lovely, with plenty of outside space which historically has been for all sorts of things, from archery through to rugby and cricket. On this occasion the fabulous singers Bella Voce welcomed us and a fun fair provided further entertainment; we were so lucky to have such a wonderfully warm and clear night to be able to enjoy it all!

 We are so proud to have been nominated for the awards, as it recognises the work we have been doing.  We have loved making our Ready to Wear pieces ever more ‘ethical’ by making them in recycled or Faritrade metal wherever possible, constantly looking to get more information from our suppliers about the provenance of the gems and metal they are sourcing, and have taken part in fundraising events too. We are working even more closely with the Faritrade Foundation, and are incredibly excited about the direction that things are going… making Fairtrade gold more easily accessible can only mean that more customers are able to use it in their jewellery.

 Whilst we didn’t win our category on this occasion, we were pleased to see that Cred did, as they have been working alongside Greg Valerio, the Fairtrade Foundation and others to bring Fairtrade gold to the UK market. Like us, they were one of the first jewellers worldwide to be licensed to use Fairtrade gold, and their efforts in promoting ethical jewellery choices to others in the jewellery industry as well as to their customers have been a joy to watch.  The only way we in the jewellery industry can make things better is to work alongside the people that some might expect to be competitors, sharing information so that we can all move towards common goals of sustainability, traceability and transparency. The fact that there is even an ‘ethical’ category in awards like this can only promote others to do the same.