Peach Engagement Rings

Peach Engagement Rings

Written by Chloe Drake on 16 January 2015

Currently a very in demand and fashionable colour for gemstones has been beautiful peach or champagne colours.  Peach is a really lovely option for an engagement ring and it looks stunning in Rose Gold with possibly a few small white diamonds to enhance it. However it being a lovely and popular colour it is also a very challenging colour to find gemstones in. There are wide varieties of gemstone options when it comes to greens, blues or red gemstones however when it comes to champagne coloured stones, the options are fairly limited, however there are a few options to look at depending on your personal taste.

Very popular requests are imperial topaz and peach sapphire, which are both beautiful colours however can be difficult to source as they are quite a rare stone, it can also be very difficult to find a gemstone that is the right peach or champagne tone, as we do tend to find that, that most do have a lot of pink, brown, orange and yellow tones along with the peach, so it really does depend on each person’s preference.

Padparadscha Sapphire is a beautiful and valuable gemstone.  The colour can vary a little from pink to orange, and however it does usually have peach tones to it. This is a really lovely option as sapphires do tend to have a lot of sparkle and life to them; they are also a fairly durable gemstone making them a really good option for an engagement ring. The only issue is due to rarity they can take some searching for, and also many can be more towards an orange or pink colour rather than the desired peach.

Imperial Topaz are a lovely quite champagne toned colour. Topaz can come in quite a few colours so it is worth having a look at the different options, as some pink topaz can be a bit more of a salmon pink colour having those peach hints to it, however pink topaz are usually heat treated to achieve this colour. 

There are lots of lovely stone options that can have peach tones to them, and can look very beautiful in your engagement ring. If you did want an engagement ring more towards these champagne colours, a great option is to go for a rose gold ring or possibly just the settings, this way it can really enhance the gemstone you choose and bring out any peach tones in it.

Morganite is a perfect example of a stone that looks great in rose gold. Morganite would be my choice as it can come in pinks, peach, rose and violet shades, you find that the colours tend to be quite muted so the rose gold really sets of the colour of the stone.

Citrine is option for a champagne colour, although a little more yellow in colour. It can be found in very pale shades, which has a really lovely champagne colour to them. It tones beautifully with yellow gold and also look really lovely in the natural colour of 9ct white gold, as it brings out the lovely creamy colour.

If you want a champagne colour that is more towards pink then there are few options that are definitely worth looking at. Pink Tourmaline is a good option to look at as is available in a range of different pink tones you can get it in a lovely rusty pink tone. Spinel can also be found in a dusky pink colour. Or perhaps a Pink sapphire as it can be found in different shades of pink which teamed with the natural sparkle of the sapphire looks beautiful.

If you’re looking for a gemstone that is more towards the orange or yellow tones in a champagne colour, mandarin garnet does tend to be quite orange, but a really lovely colour to look at. Yellow sapphires are beautiful  or a Fancy Yellow Diamond is stunning be it expensive option.

I hope this has given you some useful information about choosing a peach or champagne coloured gemstone. See our pink engagement rings to whet your appetite.