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  • Hallmarks Reading Your Jewellery

    Hallmarks Reading Your Jewellery

    An article explaining about your hallmark and what it all means.

    Sarah Dilley 23 Jun 2014
  • Palladium a bit of history

    Palladium a bit of history

    This article discusses the differences between palladium and other precious metals and serves to advise why this option can make a good choice for engagement rings...

    Sarah Dilley 19 Jun 2014
  • Palladium 950 and 500

    Palladium 950 and 500

    Palladium has become more and more popular with our customers and worldwide. This article discusses the different alloys

    Gemma Hill 17 Jan 2014
  • Rose Gold

    Rose Gold

    The latest trend in the jewellery world is Rose Gold.

    April Page 14 Nov 2013
  • Platinum vs Palladium

    Platinum vs Palladium

    Despite being awarded a hallmark in 2009, and being used as a precious metal in jewellery for many years prior to that, Palladium is still a relatively unknown metal

    Aimee Fisher 1 Nov 2013
  • Palladium and your Bespoke Ring

    Palladium and your Bespoke Ring

    The main use for palladium before 2004 was in the manufacture of white gold; but palladium is becoming increasingly more popular for wedding and engagement rings

    Gemma Hill 7 Jun 2012