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  • Diamond Cutting and Polishing

    Diamond Cutting and Polishing

    Diamond Cutting is a skillful art done by craftsmen called lapidaries, mainly done in Antwerp diamond district in Belgium, Surat, Gujarat state in India.

      4 Feb 2012
  • The 4 C's: Clarity

    The 4 C's: Clarity

    Diamonds are transparent to opaque naturally and can have numerous flaws. This article explains about a diamonds clarity.

      1 Feb 2012
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds

    Radiant Cut Diamonds

    The radiant cut is the name used to describe the cut-cornered, rectangular or square modified brilliant cut diamonds. This article tells more.

      17 Nov 2011
  • Sourcing Your Own Diamonds

    Sourcing Your Own Diamonds

    Sourcing your own diamond can be a tricky process. This articles discusses the pros and cons

    Alice Rochester 22 Aug 2011
  • Pave Setting and Graining

    Pave Setting and Graining

      17 Jul 2011
  • Diamond Cuts and Proportions

    Diamond Cuts and Proportions

    An article about how diamonds cuts and their proportions show the true fire, brilliance and scintillation of a diamond.

      21 Jun 2011