Jewellery Articles

  • Star Sapphires

    Star Sapphires

    I just wanted to share with you a little bit of information I had found out about these star sapphires - truly stunning gemstones.

      22 Oct 2007
  • Corundum


    This article explains in general terms a bit about corundum - a gemstone family that includes sapphires and rubies.

      18 Oct 2007
  • A Bespoke Customer's Story

    A Bespoke Customer's Story

    A customer tells his story about the visit to Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery and his engagement ring

    Tim Alban 17 Sep 2007
  • Are you Allergic to your Engagement Ring

    Are you Allergic to your Engagement Ring

    I am occasionally asked about allergic reactions to precious metals by customers wearing an engagement ring and so just wanted to write a few lines here which may help as they are also from personal experience.

    Harriet Kelsall 13 Aug 2007
  • Organic Design

    Organic Design

    A jewellery designer explains how organic themes and inspiration can be used in design and what has inspired her.

    April Page 13 Jul 2007
  • White Precious Metals

    White Precious Metals

    Harriet Kelsall explains a bit more about white precious metals and in particular Sterling Silver

    Harriet Kelsall 3 May 2007