Jewellery Articles

  • Moonstone Engagement Rings

    Moonstone Engagement Rings

    An article about the properties of moonstones and their origins.

      4 Nov 2014
  • Morganite


    An article describing all the properties of Morganite - its history, use and where its found.

      19 Aug 2014
  • Wedding Traditions

    Wedding Traditions

    An article outlining some of the historic wedding traditions that exist, how they came into be being and how they are used nowadays to make up part of a modern wedding

      19 Aug 2014
  • Diamond Cutting

    Diamond Cutting

    An article summarising diamond cutting

    Harriet Kelsall 8 Aug 2014
  • Becoming a Jewellery Designer

    Becoming a Jewellery Designer

    Ami Vinn, a jewellery designer, tells us how her career began.

    Amy Vinn 5 Aug 2014
  • Pearls


    Pearls are a beautiful classic gemstone, which are highly regarded and add a touch of elegance to an outfit...

      9 Jul 2014