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Morganite Engagement Rings

Morganite Engagement Rings

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Morganite Key Facts

  • 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness
  • Named after JP Morgan a famous American gem collector
  • The light pink variety of beryl - like pink aquamarine
  • Discovered in America around 1900
  • Usually a lovely shade of pink or peach-not too bright
  • Morganites are commonly heat treated to improve their colour. It should be assumed that the morganites we supply have been heat treated unless we specify otherwise.

Learn About Morganite

Morganite is a light pink variety of beryl and is sometimes referred to as 'pink beryl', 'pink aquamarine' or occasionally 'pink emerald' It is not uncommon for morganite to exhibit banding as the pink colour varies through the stone.

Morganite can be heat treated to increase its pink hue and occasionally comes in other shades such as orange or yellow.

The stone is named after JP Morgan, an American financier and avid gemstone collector.

Morganite was first discovered in America around 1900 and, although rare, is an affordable and beautiful stone choice for an engagement ring.

Here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, we love the shade of pink which is subtle and elegant, not too bright.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a design consultation.

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