Fairtrade Says 'I DO' - Part 2

Written by Will Holdsworth on 2 February 2015


Following on from the blog that Laurie recently posted showing Fairtrade's 'I DO' launch event, we have managed to get the full interview from BBC News that featured Harriet.

Harriet highlighted several key points during the interview, including the fact that over 100 million people depend on Fairtrade to survive. She explained that small scale mining has benefitted from the work that Fairtrade has done, mentioning that many miners in developing countries including Peru and Columbia now have the opportunity to work and live in far better conditions than were previously available.

The interview made clear the importance of a fair working and living environment when shown that such a vast number of mining communities rely on gold mining for survival. The imporatance of Fairtrade in this supply chain, giving these workers a fair price for the gold that they mine was outlined by Harriet when it was shown that these miners contribute 10% of the overall gold that is mined globally.

You can watch the full video by clicking the box below, Harriet definitely raises some key points regarding Fairtrade Gold.


Harriet Kelsall BBC News Fairtrade Interview