Reusing Gemstones

Reusing gemstones from existing jewellery is definitely possible, and can work on both a sentimental level and on an ethical one. We often work with old pieces that are impractical for daily wear, redesigning them to suit your style.

When reusing gemstones it is impossible to know where the stones have come from, but there is a sense in which the previous owner has taken the brunt of the environmental cost - no new mining has had to take place for the gemstones in your jewellery.

It is also possible to reuse metal but this isn't so straightforward - see reusing metal for details.

If you have an engagement ring or piece of jewellery from which you would like to reuse the gemstone, the best way to start the process is to send us a picture. Our designers can have a look and start discussing the possibilities with you. Contact us to get things started.