Reusing Gemstones

We really enjoy reusing gemstones from existing jewellery, particularly when they have sentimental value. It's lovely to think that something with special connections that has been unworn in recent years can be given a new lease of life and admired daily rather than being confined to a box. Reusing gemstones also means that no new mining has taken place so we really like it from an ethical perspective too - although it is impossible to know where the stones have come from, there is a sense that the previous owner has taken the brunt of the environmental cost.

It is also possible to reuse metal but this isn't always so straightforward - see reusing metal for details.

If you have an engagement ring or piece of jewellery from which you would like to reuse the gemstone, the best way to start the process is to send us a picture, or (if you live locally to one of our studios) bring it in to show us. Our designers can have a look and start discussing the possibilities with you. Contact us to get things started.