Dirty Gold

We are signatories to the No Dirty Gold campaign and are working to prove to the big suppliers that there is a market for ethically mined gold.

Dirty gold really is a big environmental problem, and in no way easy to solve. Large-scale gold mining can be extremely environmentally invasive, and it's very difficult to know where your gold has come from through the regular supply chain.

Working closely with the Responsible Jewellery Council and others in the jewellery industry, we have been proving to the large mining companies that extracting gold in a cleaner, more responsible way is important to customers and the gold mining industry has started to clean up its act. It's not there yet, but there is progress and momentum is building.

If you are worried about the environmental impact of gold mining there are a few alternatives:

  • We're really excited to be able to offer fully certified Fairtrade precious metals to our customers. You can read more about Fairtrade gold here
  • We can buy recycled metal in certain forms- it has been fully tracked and traced so you know that no newly mined metal has gone it to the alloy. 
  • We can re-use your own metal from old jewellery either at the bench in our own workshop or by sending it away to our casting company if the piece needs to be cast. 

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