The graceful Lily of the Valley flower is the inspiration behind these elegant recycled Sterling silver earrings. Each bud has been hand worked to achieve the delicate curls of the nodding bell-shaped flowers. These timeless earrings are inspired by Georgian ‘en tremblant’ jewellery whereby the jewellery is designed to move delicately to accentuatethe wearers grace and movements. The lily bell-shaped flowers move independently from the ear hook which has been designed to mimic a stem. The drop of the flower measures approximately 8mmx10mm and the total length of the earrings is 28mm at the front and approximately 36mm at the back of the loop.

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This earring was a previous ready to wear unique one-off design. We’d be delighted to create something similar and completely personal to you.

Harriet Kelsall

Design by Harriet Kelsall


Inspired By Lily of the Valley