Designing for the Ready to Wear Collection

Designing for the Ready to Wear Collection

Written by Bethanie Green on 21 November 2017

As part of my first few months as a Design Assistant I have had the opportunity to design for the Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery Ready to Wear collection. 

Along with meeting all of our wonderful customers, designing for the collection is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. It is particularly enjoyable as the task allows the design team to combine knowledge with creativity within a wide brief. 

During design consultations it is always interesting to hear what jewellery has caught the eye of a customer and this may either inspire their own bespoke design or inspire us for future designs.

A commonly sought after design is a solitaire with a more up-to-date or modern twist. This thought was the principle behind the ring I recently designed for the collection.

Using an oval cut diamond as the centre piece is a little more unusual than the classic round brilliant cut while thin band widths have been increasing in popularity. 9 carat rose gold is also an increasingly popular choice for the hinting, soon-to-be-engaged girlfriends of today.  It seemed natural to combine all of these growing trends and design a 9 carat rose gold engagement ring with a thin 2mm halo band. These features instantly update the look of the solitaire

whilst still celebrating the beautiful stone. Using a 6-claw palladium setting was a lovely way to pay homage to the classic solitaire which would commonly be a yellow gold band and platinum or white metal setting.

The final touch was to ensure that the setting maintained a modern geometric look, so it has a more square profile rather than the appearance of soft beaded claws.

I’ve continued to take inspiration from the growing trends around me and I have designed two more solitaire engagement rings which incorporate beads or grains of metal into the setting. These design features give rings an increased sparkle and a more organic style which is a jewellery trend that will never go out of fashion. Watch this space!