Blue Diamonds and Gemstones

Written by Lucy Parker on 20 October 2016

The recent sale of the 3.81ct rare blue oval cut diamond at Bonham’s for £2.3 million has inspired me to write this blog on blue diamonds and blue gemstones which are always popular in our bespoke engagement rings. Diamonds are measured on a scale of colourless to a light yellow colour and are graded D-Z. Other coloured diamonds come off this scale and are called ‘Fancy’ diamonds.

The blue diamond can be found in nature and is extremely rare and it is valued for its intensity in colour. The colour in most blue diamonds comes from the presence of boron and the more there is in the diamond, the bluer it will be! Treated and synthetic coloured diamonds are different to natural diamonds and are more readily available. They can be created in almost any colour from natural diamonds or completely artificially-the intrinsic value between natural fancy coloured diamonds and treated or synthetic diamonds is quite vast.

Designing an engagement ring within a budget might mean that you don’t necessarily use a natural fancy blue diamond, but there are many other just as beautiful blue precious and semi precious gemstones available. These gemstones come in many different shades of colour and cut and can create a very beautiful and personal design. The most popular amongst these is a blue sapphire, and something that many people do not realise is that sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow. If blue is your favourite colour palette you can get different shades and tones, you can even get star sapphires which are my personal favourite. You can read more about them here:

Other popular blue gemstones include; aquamarine, topaz, zircon, tanzanite to name a few! They all have their own individual characteristics and choosing a gemstone is a very personal choice. We offer stone sourcing with all of our bespoke pieces so you can come back into the studio and choose your favourite gemstone. You can look at our gemstone gallery here: