Weather and nature provide lots of inspiration

Written by Tim Alban on 26 October 2013

Well I have always found storms to be inspiring, especially as I live out in the sticks and have had more than our fair share of them lately, rains all year round in england, but why when it's sunny for a week we have a water shortage i hear you question?

The weather and nature provide lots of inspiration for many of the design ideas our customers provide us with when they contact us to commission their own bespoke engagement, wedding or just a ring to represent something special for them.

Star sapphires are particularly beautiful and striking and whilst they are an obvious inspiration for planets and stars; which is something we get asked for quite often the blue grey colour reminds me of some of the moody skies we have seen lately with asterisk providing a glint of sunlight coming through the stormy weather and the suggestion of better things to come.

Dramatic black star sapphire 9ct white gold engagement ring

The beautiful star sapphire engagement ring above was designed by Kerrie McNaughton and was an absolute stunning ring until it was sold and i can longer look at it in the studio, but has gone to a very happy Lady. A personal favourite of several of the team including myself and it never ceases to amaze me how brilliant are the designs that our talented team of Designers do come up with. We also source stones from a variety of sources and the Designers can help you by providing you with a selection of stones to choose from; yes you do get to choose your own stone if you want to and seeing stones like the above before they are set in your ring really adds to the excitement and anticipation for what the ring will become. We get a real buzz out of interesting and unusual ideas for rings, just look at our ring galleries for examples of our previous work and if you would like just to run some ideas past us do contact us for a no obligation consultation or even just to chat through your ideas.