Trend Alert: The Man-gagement ring (Male Engagement Ring)

Written by on 1 July 2014

Johnny Depp's wearing it, Beyonce sung about it (kind of) and we're certainly seeing an increase in enquiries about it; yes the engagement ring for men aka the 'man-gagement ring' is here.

The tradition for women to be given a diamond ring upon engagement has been around for over 500 years (starting with the Archduke Maximilian of Austria), but with the new generation of 'to-be-weds' showing increasing eagerness to embrace equality, many forward thinking men are taking the decision to indicate their partnership with a pre-wed symbol of commitment and 'off the market' status by donning an engagement ring of their own.

Johnny Depp's alleged recent betrothal to Amber Heard has led him to be photographed with what he called a 'chic's ring' on his finger which apparently confirms his engagement, of course in our society this may seem as though Depp's up to his usual eccentricities but believe it or not, this concept is pretty standard in other parts of the world!

Look at the Scandinavian countries and South America; typically both men and women wear engagement rings as a symbol of equality. In a reversal of traditions, these couples engage with plain bands and women's wedding rings tend to resemble a more traditional English/American engagement ring.

Not only that but recent surveys show that 1 in 10 women will now propose, and similarly the gay marriage market is hugely keen on engagement rings for partners.

Of course, we wouldn't be in the bespoke market without being at the forefront in these trends and over the years we've seen many men commission engagement rings through us. One such example is that of Oliver's ring created as a surprise by his partner Rosie after she got her engagement ring commissioned.

18 carat rose gold and palladium ring  

This 18 carat rose gold and palladium ring includes a rose gold overlay which symbolises the infinity symbol and features brilliant cut diamonds set flush into the band. A wonderful male piece of jewellery, containing fabulous symbolism and possibly a glimpse into more of our future work here!