The wonder of colour

Written by Holly Chilcott on 8 October 2016

Colour is a wonderful thing, everyone has their favorite. Gemstones come in all different colours of the rainbow and can be a fantastic way to make your engagement ring that little bit different from the classic diamond.

The science behind the colour in stones is a long story, but the short version is simple…when light passes through the stone the spectrum of colour is absorbed by the stone in question and the colour that passes back out of the stone is the colour that the stone appears. The colour of the stone is therefore completely dependant on how the light passes through the stone, and its crystal and chemical structure determines how the light is absorbed.

Coloured gemstones are cut to get the best colour out of that particular stone. You have to remember that these are rare specimens so if you find the perfect colour in an oval cut stone you may not find a similar colour if you were to cut it into a pear shaped stone. You will often find that coloured gemstones of a similar shape and colour will vary in carat weight and size due to the way the stone has been cut.

There is always an optimum colour in gemstones and the most desired colours become the most expensive. What may look like a tiny variant in colour could mean the difference between hundreds or thousands of pounds between two very similar stones.

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