The UK Jewellery Awards 2015

Written by Rebecca Howarth on 17 June 2015

Tonight Harriet and 12 of the team including me are heading to The Tower of London to the prestigious UK Jewellery awards - the main jewellery awards show of the year! We are finalists in the Ethical Jewellery category and I’m proud that all the hard work Harriet, Alice and Laurie have done in the industry and within the company has been recognised. It's a tough category but we are pleased to be up there with the best and looking forward to a great night with the team!

Having been to the awards and collected the prize for UK jewellery Boutique Retailer of the year 2013 while sitting having supper under the dinosaur at the Natural History Museum, I was looking forward to hearing the venue choice this time and they have picked such a brilliant location!

To the tower! I am incredibly excited about this venue! When I found out I was going a flood of childhood memories of a school trip came back to me. 

I had gone on a trip to see the tower and the crown jewels and remember the excitement of being in London, the beefeaters, the rooks that circled and nibbled kids sandwich crusts, the guide’s stories, but mainly seeing the real crown jewels dazzling through the glass cabinets. Coupled with trying on my mum’s jewellery this where my very early passion for jewellery and all things sparkly was firmed here aged 7 or so!

The highlight was we got the chance to sit and have our photo taken with a replica set. I remember sitting and loving every second but I was devastated when I returned home and at the time my 35mm reel of film hadn't gone through the camera properly and none of the photos came out. I was really heartbroken I remember being so upset but my amazing parents saw my devastation and spoke to the organisers and they arranged for me to go back between two school trips and for my Dad (a professional photographer and BBC radio producer at the time) to take pictures! Amazing parents and very kind Tower of London people! 

I still think I will experience the same joy tonight when 20 (plus!) years on I go back as a Jewellery Designer to the award!