The Cave of Wonders! Engagement rings using some lovely gemstones

Written by on 15 March 2013

It's amazing how a film can inspire you! For those of you who have kids (or who are big kids themselves like me)... You may have found yourself willing away the hours watching the odd kid's movie. This weekend I decided to embrace my inner child and decided to have a bit of a Disney sesh and found myself watching Aladdin.

Gemstones are a big part of my life here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery so instead of sitting back and enjoying a musical extravaganza… I found myself being true to my geeky self and wondering instead about the beautiful array of gemstones in this fab animated film! Aladdin is a film completely jam packed with gemmology so I found myself immediately entranced!

The introduction of 'Prince Ali' finds us plastered with a parade of beautiful items, and along with his ninety-five white Persian monkeys he even has ninety-five golden camels! Lucky guy! But of course my favourite moment is when along with his sidekick Abu they enter The Cave of Wonders. Watching this amazing sequence you will see an array of beautiful (animated!) precious metals such as yellow gold and amazing gemstones such as the enormous ruby which Abu cannot resist to pick up (can we blame him? I'd want to pick it up too).

One of the big things that had me pondering though was the beautiful pieces of jewellery that is worn as part of the costumes. Headpieces are of course very popular and each of the characters wears a large beautiful cabochon cut gemstone. Jafar in particular has a lovely headpiece on his turban with a lovely oval deep red stone, and I managed to convince myself that this must have been intended to look like a beautiful fiery red pyrope garnet, check out some of the links below to see what I mean. Arm pieces are also a popular accessory in the film with Jasmine wearing an incredible yellow gold snake arm band, and of course the genie's golden cuffs.

The 'Mystic Blue Diamond' also features in the film and is used by Jafar to create a lightning storm to find 'The Diamond in the Rough'. Now although you may not be able to start a lightening storm with it, did you know that you can actually source blue diamonds? Blue diamonds are very beautiful gemstones that we have dealt with occasionally for our customers commissions, they are often heat treated and can have a greyish blue colour to them.

Of course I also love that the film refers to Aladdin as a 'Diamond in the Rough', now this phrase won't mean a great deal to the average viewer but this clever little phrase is an actual gemmological term! The word rough refers to a gemstone in its natural state i.e. before it has been cut by a lapidary or diamond cutter. Allot of gemstones will have some kind of crystalline nature that they will be found in, to allot of people they will find this very unattractive and they may not even realise the value of the item they hold, making this phrase of course perfect for our character who is a little 'rough round the edges' (excuse the pun!)

Check out these links for some of our engagement rings using some of these lovely gemstones and precious metals:

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