The Budget and Engagement Rings

Written by on 22 June 2010

Hi. As you probably already know, today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will deliver his first 2010 Budget speech to the House of Commons.

In the uncertainly of the economic climate, we are all thinking about our own budgets at the moment and wondering how and where we should spend our hard earned cash. In challenging times especially, it's worth really thinking about any investment/expenditure that you intend to make.

Here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery we pride ourselves on being able to work within customers' budgets and still always give them an exceptional, value for money product and service. As we say on our website 'Whether you go through the exciting process of working with one of our designers creating commissioned engagement rings that are completely unique for you, or claim as your own one of our unique ready to wear engagement ring designs from our collection, you can be assured of the highest levels of craftsmanship, excellence in design and value for money, regardless of your engagement ring budget.' When you are considering what your budget for any individual purchase is, you should always consider what it is you really are buying and not just the monetary cost. When you are comparing one item against another are you actually comparing like for like?

For example if you are buying a loaf of bread, you may wish to spend £1. You may think that one loaf of bread is pretty much the same as another. Yet you may find that all you can buy for £1 is a selection of white, sliced highly processed loaves, whilst you might actually want a handmade granary loaf, but the granary loaf is £2. The loaf that is made by hand will have taken longer to make, will have used fresh ingredients and will have been made by a skilled baker and it will have retained all its nutritional goodness. The white processed loaf will have been made by machine, with cheap ingredients and additives and all the nutritional goodness processed out of it. The two are completely different products and should not really be compared side by side.

The same can be said of jewellery, a cheap, mass produced engagement ring which is made through a casting process, cannot be compared with an individual bespoke ring which is hand made from sheet metal. Like the granary bread, the handmade piece is made from quality materials by skilled craftsmen and you can see exactly where your money is being spent. The cheap cast piece will not be a good investment in the long term as the poor quality becomes evident through time.

Of course, it's a daft analogy to compare a one off high value purchase with a low value commodity like a loaf of bread, but whilst we easily recognise the reasons why they should buy the healthy loaf rather than the cheap substitute, we don't as easily see this in the larger purchases that we make.

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I can only hope that Mr Osbourne today will not be tempted into quick, convenient fixes for the country's budget at the expense of long-term wise investment.