Super diamonds in the Popigai crater

Written by Tim Alban on 26 September 2012

I was reading through the paper the other day to find an incredible article, which was the Russian's reliving the 'Popigai Astroblem' diamond mine, which they have keep a secret since 1970, when it was discovered.

The back story to this is Popigai meteorite crater in Siberia was made around 35 million years ago and the diamonds within the crater are twice as hard as normal diamonds, which is mind blowing in its self to think about the amount of pressure taken to create these diamonds.

According to the report there are 'trillions of carats' within the crater. As you can see from the photo below the diamond mines are not small. Most diamonds mines have a no fly zone over then because of the vacuum the hole creates would pull an aircraft out of the sky.

Popigai crater

These 'super diamonds' however look like they will be used just in semiconductor production which are things such as integrated circuits/computer chips and flash memory, but sadly not in the jewellery industry so we can't get any of these 'super diamonds' in yet for you but we have designed lots of stunning diamond engagement rings here just take a look as they in themselves our out of this world!