Sunset inspired engagement rings

Written by Tim Alban on 16 August 2013

As i was sitting in the garden last night i started to notice how the nights are gets colder (well certainly for shorts and t-shirt) and the nights are starting to get sorter. So once again we are around to autumn evenings. However we are getting some beautiful sunsets and we the cloud coverage that England is so well known for we have some stunning sky lines.

Some people are inspired by this to create paintings, songs or poetry. But some people are also inspired to turn what they see into some incredible designs for their engagement ring. As you can see below, all have a lovely warm feel to them, creating fantastic orange engagement rings.

9ct rose gold and amber engagement ring Sunrise inspired 18ct yellow gold and ruby dress ring Bespoke 18ct Rose gold twist engagement ring Amber engagement ring with topaz to add extra sparkle 9ct yellow gold citrine dress ring