Some fun facts about jewellery you might not have known about

Written by Tim Alban on 31 May 2013

Working in jewellery it's great on how much there is to learn and to become so passionate about, but not just the knowledge of gemstones. I personal like to find out about the little facts and the old wives tails. So in my blog this month i have put together a few i have picked up over the years working in the industry.

Although we do not produce it any longer, the UK used to produce 12 and 15 carat as well as 9 carat which we still have today. These became legal in 1854 for the simple reason that gold before this date was considered a symbol of wealth with 22carat and 18carat. However the jewellery industry wanted to expand their market and started to produce 9, 12 and 15 carat so that the working/middle class could also buy jewellery as well. However later on the British government decided to scrap so many different purities of gold and just keep 9 carat as this was the most popular.

All the ladies out there who love the idea of a 1 carat diamond will be impressed when i say that around one million diamonds are mined just to get that one perfect stone and over 100 tonnes of earth is moved to get to it.

The gemstone Opal is considered by some people as bad luck and others believe it gives you wisdom and good fortune. Back many years ago people believed that opal was pieces of heaven knocked drop to earth after a thunderstorm.

The gemstone in the queens crown is called the 'black prince's ruby' which is really a spinel.

The earliest recorded exchange of wedding rings was in 2,200BC in Egypt.

And finally one of my most favourite fact is that if we mined all the gold in the world and put it in cube shape we could fit it under the Eiffel tower, but this isn't the fact i like the most. The idea that before we started mining for gold, but before the earth was created that the engagement ring your wearing or proposed with or the wedding rings you both said 'I do' with. The materials within that piece of jewellery could of been floating in space for who knows how long, which means it could be as old as time it's self, truly making your jewellery eternal.


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