Silver ring inspired by Lesley's Cats

Written by Laurie McGrath on 7 April 2014

I just wanted to share the heart warming story behind one of my recent commissions. I first spoke to Lesley over the phone and she explained her idea for a unique ring to commemorate the life of her cats. She wanted a ring which she could wear everyday which would remind her of the joy they gave her and she knew a bespoke ring would help to celebrate them perfectly.

The finished result was a very pretty Sterling silver ring with stones to represent each cat. Meeting Lesley to present her with her ring was an absolute pleasure and it was just as she had imagined.

Lesley described how the ideas behind her bespoke ring came to life:

'As you know the ring is in memory of my beautiful cats, Casper, Ria and Toots, who have been such a huge part of my life for nearly 17 years. I wanted something pretty and unique that I could wear every day, to mark how special they have been. The asymmetrical design is more my character, I love different and dramatic. The swirl encircling the white topaz represents a cats tail and the tension setting of the smoky quartz represents the independent nature of cats. The gems were chosen primarily to represent the colour of each cat (tabby, white and black), but also smoky quartz is my favourite stone and topaz is either my birthstone. The tiny black spinel in the band (which represents Toots the black cat), means that although I only had her for a shorter time (5 years), she was still a significant part of my life and just as important. The engraving on the outside of the band, one powerful word ... says it all.'

As an extra piece of hidden detail our goldsmith soldered a hair from each cat into the ring, because of the heat the hairs disintegrated but it was just enough for Lesley to know that her three girls were with her ring in spirit.

A really touching story and a great commission to be involved with. Just so you can see this is a picture of Lesley's lovely ring....

Cat inspired Sterling silver cat inspired ring  

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