Sapphires for a Dazzling Engagement Ring

Written by Theodore Marshall on 16 April 2013

One of the fantastic thing about working for Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Design is the lovely range of gemstones you can oogle!

Sapphires are always a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding rings and a whole array of different types of jewellery. This lovely pale blue sapphire has been recently catching my eye.


This is a wonderful choice for someone who is looking for something really unique. It has an unusual band of colour zoning running diagonally through the stone to give a 'yin-yang' type affect of dark and light colours. This stone has a really beautiful pale blue colour and is lovely and sparkly… a real find!

It is certainly a head turner with a weight of 1.57ct, it has a good depth and measures approximately 8x6mm in an octagonal step cut. This stone is a really lovely option and has a fantastic level of clarity.

Did you know that sapphires are known as allochromatic? This means that their body colour is a result of trace impurities in the stone rather than an essential part of their composition. In the case of a blue sapphire, its colour derives from the presence of iron and titanium.

Sapphires are a member of the corundum family and are available in a vast array of colours including pink, green, white, red (known as a ruby), padparadscha (an unusual colour which combines pink and orange in a single stone) etc. Sapphires can also be sourced with a number of unusual feature, for example have you ever heard of a star sapphire? These lovely gemstones have a feature known as asterism which gives the gemstone the appearance of a star with rays coming out from its centre, this is a result of a unique alignment of rutile needles and tubes within the structure of the material and can be quite a sight to see! Sapphires can also be produced and grown in a laboratory. Did you know that synthetic sapphires began being produced back in the late 19th century?

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X Teddy