Recycled diamonds

Written by Alice Rochester on 8 March 2010

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely Fairtrade Fortnight and that you all swapped lots of your normal products for Fairtrade!

Harriet has just written a really interesting blog about the progress of the fairly traded gold we use towards fully certified Fairtrade / Fairmined status, so because of this and our proximity to Fairtrade Fortnight I thought you might like to know about some more ethical options for your bespoke jewellery. You may have noticed the term 'recycled diamond' cropping up on our website so I thought I'd better explain what this means in greater depth.

'Recycled' diamonds are diamonds that we buy from a dealer in America. Lots of pawn brokers in the USA accumulate diamond bracelets, necklaces and earrings which they then find they can't sell on, or if they do they don't get real value for their jewellery. What our dealer does is buys these pieces at a fair price, takes the diamonds out and gets them re-polished and graded to then be sold on. There are several reasons we like this idea so much:

1. No new stones are mined so this is a great if you're concerned about the ethics of having a diamond in your engagement ring

2. The old jewellery is being re-used and worn rather than accumulating dust in a shop window

3. The new piece of jewellery has a bit of history and soul before it's even worn!

4. You can't tell the difference visually between a newly mined stone and a recycled one, but the price of the recycled diamond is lower

We do not buy diamonds that have been in previous engagement rings as a lot of people feel that this is not quite the same as re-using a diamond from a relative's engagement ring and are less comfortable with this than they are with stones that have come from other pieces of jewellery.

Because of the shipping involved in bringing these lovely stones over from America we can't usually source an individual stone for a customer in the same way that we might order in a stone specifically for another commission, but we do have a few recycled diamonds in stock which are waiting for just the right wearer to come along. Don't be afraid to ask us if we've got the perfect stone for you if this is something you're interested in!!

Here are some really pretty rings we have made using recycled diamonds.

White gold and diamond engagement ring Platinum and diamond engagement ring White gold, sapphire and diamond engagement ring