Recycled Diamonds

Written by Harriet Kelsall on 7 June 2010


I recently bought an interesting antique brooch at a jewellery auction. I bought it because most of the diamonds were of a nice quality and I thought they would be perfect for us to recondition and then use as recycled diamonds in our jewellery.

Having studied environmental design quite a bit over the years, it is clear that reuse is even better than recycling of course. This takes hardly any energy and something like a diamond can live on for generations (a diamond is supposed to be forever after all!). Sometimes diamonds need re-polishing and they always need special cleaning and of course grading.

I have been using quite a few recycled diamonds over the last couple of years (we always say when we use one of these in our jewellery and if it doesn't say 'recycled' then it will be a new diamond). They have been very popular with our customers who are looking for a more ethical solution and prefer to know that their diamond hasn't been freshly mined for their ring. But we have to be very careful to be absolutely sure of the providence of these stones and to make sure that we don't accidentally open the door to diamonds of uncertain providence.

So I always want to see the piece of jewellery with my own eyes to make sure it is a genuine antique.

We have previously sometimes bought our recycled diamonds ready-reconditioned by an utterly trustworthy source but they don't often have small stones from their sources that are of good enough quality for us - and after all, I do like to know exactly where any diamonds that we sell as recycled come from of course. Also even though it sounds a bit silly perhaps, I don't like to think of them coming from a previous unlucky engagement ring! But as for this brooch - it is perfect. I think that the idea of a diamond in one of our rings having swanned around a wonderful ballroom in its 'past life' as a fabulous brooch is rather super!

Antique Brooch

Here is a picture of the brooch when I bought it. The mount wasn't in great condition and there were several diamonds missing. All in all this condition meant that it wasn't really going to carry on life as a brooch so we didn't feel bad about taking it apart to harvest the stones. So we are in the process of cleaning, sorting, grading and assessing the condition of the diamonds and seeing which need re-polishing at the moment. We were also very pleased with the sapphires which are so beautiful and lively.

The providence of recycled gemstones of any type is so important and in the case of recycled diamonds can be very interesting too.

See you soon,