Platinum 0.80cts tanzanite and pave diamond engagement ring

Written by on 11 January 2011

After a lovely festive December, the start of the New Year always holds the infamous January slump of bad weather and dark days. But, fear not, I have the answer and the medicine for fighting those January blues and they are guaranteed to lift your spirits. Jewellery always sets a girls (and sometimes a boy's) heart into beating that little bit faster as the excitement builds at the sight of something sparkly. One thing that really makes my eyes widen are the engagement rings that are in the Hertfordshire showroom as they are so unique and eye catching. After having a couple of weeks off at Christmas, I came back to Halls Green and reinvented my love for beautifully coloured stones and our Victorian inspired tanzanite engagement ring has helped remind me why I love this business.

Platinum and tanzanite engagement ring

This engagement ring holds an oval tanzanite in a four claw setting and it weighs a whopping 0.80cts. (Not too big and not too small in my book). The colour of this stone is beautiful and suits all kinds of skins tones. The Tanzanite is a dark cornflower blue which looks gorgeous in comparison to the icy white colour of the diamonds that flank it. On the shoulders of the ring there are six brilliant cut diamonds, three on each side and they are graded as G VS and they measure at 1.75mm each. The band is 3mm wide and it is made from platinum too so the whiteness of the metal along with the whiteness of the diamonds all add up to a recipe of class and elegance. In the Mid Victorian era, filigree design work was incorporated into the metal around precious stones in jewellery and it was very popular for many years. Filigree was the use of either silver or gold wire which was twisted into shapes or patterns and was then soldered into a set position on the jewellery. It was a very decorative method of adding an intricate design onto the surface of a metal in order to highlight its shine, as well as to make the item of jewellery seem more eye catching. In today's design era, a simple way of replicating this method of complex detail is by employing the technique of pave settings. The image below portrays the design benefits to this creative goldsmith trick.

Platinum and tanzanite engagement ring

The small beads of metal sit a little higher than the diamonds which are set into the platinum. When light shines into the stones and sets off the fire in the diamonds, (their sparkle), the light also bounces off from the metal and adds to the overall vivacity in a lovely and classic way. Another aspect to this design that reminds me of the Victorian era is the way that the central stone is set above the rest of the band. In our contemporary world, we all use our hands a lot and so it is important to make things like rings useful and free from any obstruction. This ring displays the way that Victorian rings used to be set higher above the band but, in this case, Harriet, the creator of the ring, has designed it to make sure that this necessity stays true. The image below shows the ring from a side on perspective.

Platinum and tanzanite engagement ring

The claws at the corners of the ring protect the stone but also show off the pride of the stone too. Claw settings allow light to travel through the stone more so that the colour can be shown off to its full potential and so that everyone who looks at it can see how vibrant it really is.

If you are a fan of this colour, or even of this design style, why not come down to our Hertfordshire showroom and have a look at our lovely ring selection and don't forget that we have not increased our ready to wear prices in accordance with the new VAT rate. This is our gift to you to help you start off the New Year right. We have some other fabulous blue engagement rings if this is the colour for you, here are some more that might just tickle you fancy.

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So, if you need to be cheered up and want to beat those bluesey days of Jan, come and visit us in Halls green and take a look at some of the most unique and tantalising designs and make this year your best one yet.

See you soon,