Palladium engagement ring inspired by the night's sky

Written by on 7 May 2010

This palladium ring holds a stunning cabochon cut 3.46ct oval grey star sapphire which measures 7.94 x 7.15mm. This unusual stone resembles the night's sky.

Star sapphires are cabochon cut to allow the 6 pointed star to be created within the sapphire, which happens because of the way a single point of light reflects from the internal structure of the stone.

Palladium and sapphire engagement ring

The angle of light entering the stone bounces off the needles and accentuates the appearance of the star. Star sapphires come in a wide variety of colours; the one we can see here is a beautiful greyish blue with velvet like softness.

The sapphire is set in an all around setting at a slight diagonal angle across the finger.

In the twisting, tapering band there are three invisibly set 1.5mm brilliant cut H SI diamonds which compliment the sparkle of the star in the sapphire.

The palladium band is 3mm wide at the sides and has a flat profile for a contemporary look. It has a polished finish to further compliment the sparkle of the stones.

It has been lovely to see this ring going through the making process and come out as this absolute stunner! This engagement ring is currently on display in our Halls Green studio so please feel free to come and take a look - we would be delighted to show it to you.

Palladium and sapphire engagement ring Palladium and sapphire engagement ring