Modern and Classic Aquamarine Engagement Ring Ideas

Written by Chloe Drake on 18 March 2016

Aquamarine is a beautiful stone and one of my favorites. It is the birthstone for March so it’s no surprise that it is proving very popular at the moment along with many other blue hued gemstones. The great thing about the colour of this gemstone is that it can be used to create modern designs as well as those which are vintage or classic in style.

Aquamarine measures 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it a sound choice for an engagement ring. Although the stone is not as hard as a diamond or a sapphire, it’s still suitable for a piece of jewellery that will be worn every day, as long as care is taken to remove the ring prior to hands-on tasks. 


Modern Aquamarine Engagement Ring

The combination of aquamarine with a white metal is particularly striking and using an emerald or baguette cut stone will create a modern design. As can be seen in these examples, bright white metal draws attention to the beautiful central stone.  Katy’s dramatic engagement ring features an emerald cut aquamarine in an end only setting and is a bold statement piece. Emily’s engagement ring features the same cut and setting but is modern and minimalistic in design.


Aquamarine also suits vintage or classic designs due to its slightly green tone, which can give the stone itself a vintage feel. Diamonds make a great addition to a design as their sparkle perfectly complements aquamarine and can really enhance the overall appearance of the ring.


This design features a gorgeous oval cut checkerboard aquamarine in an eight claw floral detail setting. The pave set diamonds on each shoulder really add to the vintage floral design.


Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring


This dramatic Art Deco inspired ring is bold and eye catching in design. The ring is a clean-cut combination of diamonds and aquamarine and successfully fuses modern with vintage.


HK Bespoke has a wonderful aquamarine supplier who provides us with fully traceable gemstones. He looks at each piece of rough gemstone and works out the perfect cut to utilize the original formation, while also ensuring the most beautiful cut and colour of gemstone is achieved. There are currently some especially beautiful natural green aquamarines in our collection.