Mining Fairtrade Gold

Written by Laurie McGrath on 20 August 2014

I read some great news today that the British government is going to do more to help the jewellery industry source their materials ethically! The Fairtrade Foundation (who we work closely with to certify our Fairtrade metal jewellery) are backing the government's efforts and helping them to create new guidelines for jewellers.

One of the main areas of concern is the welfare and working conditions of Small Scale Artisanal miners, who can work in very hard conditions and often put making a living in front of their own health and safety.

Luckily Fairtrade gold has changed the lives of the Small Scale Artisanal miners who have chosen to include their mines in scheme. Miners working in Fairtrade mines receive a fair wage for their work, have health and safety precautions in place and receive the Fairtrade premium as an investment back into their communities for essentials such as health care and education.

Fingers crossed more government involvement will create extra awareness around Fairtrade gold for people to chose when thinking about their wedding and engagement rings.

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