Harriet's Maple Moth inspired pendant and brooch

Written by Rebecca Barnes on 17 January 2014

Harriet has just passed to me one of her latest designs, a gorgeous sterling silver pendant and brooch! I have just put them into a new cabinet display and thought that they were so lovely that I would share a bit about it with you!

Harriet has taken inspiration for the design of the pendant and brooch from both maple seeds and moths.

Harriet found herself thinking about life after a major operation, examining perspectives on new life, and how spectacular it is that something so small can grow and transform. A seed or an idea or love from two separate paths.

Both the beautiful Sterling Silver pendant and brooch are completely unique and have been certified Fairtrade. Both items of jewellery have contrasting polished and matte finished areas.


They are a delicate design, sitting gently like a delicate moth that is resting.

Come and have a look at them displayed in our Halls Green Jewellery Centre before someone snaps them up.