Following the design process of an engagement ring

Written by Francesca Glos on 8 April 2016

All of the designers at HKBespoke help to design the beautiful jewellery that is displayed in the cabinets, including the stunning engagement rings. I was delighted to be asked to design two new engagement rings and as these were my first ready to wear designs for the company. I've been excited to see their progress from simple sketches, to the finished rings and then eventually when I get to see them leaving the studio, destined to be worn for a lifetime.

The simple sketches are based around a brief, which in this instance features a princess cut diamond. I wanted the rings to be simple, but with enough detail to complement the sparkle of an exceptional stone, chosen with the help of our expert in-house gemmologist (who also happens to be one of the country's foremost diamond experts!), so I opted for an Art Deco style. I've enjoyed every step of the process so far; carefully selecting which diamond to use for each design, talking the jobs through with the goldsmiths and understanding exactly how they would be made. The sketches are now being bought to life in the workshop and I can’t wait to see them at their next stage.