Fairtrade Wedding Rings

Written by Francesca Glos on 10 August 2016

Recently, two of my lovely customers James and Rachael collected their Fairtrade wedding rings. Rachel opted for a vintage inspired ring with eleven graduating diamonds which were all grain set to add extra sparkle. Rachael’s engagement ring was made from Fairtrade 9 carat white gold and she wanted her wedding ring to be made from the same metal. The ring’s initial construction was cast in Fairtrade 9 carat white gold and was then hand worked by our expert goldsmiths and stone setter. James was drawn to the lovely gun metal tones of Fairtrade 18 carat white gold and he wanted his ring to be entirely handmade by our goldsmiths. This involved milling out the metal wire, bending it into shape and soldering the ring together.

James and Rachael were really fascinated about the Fairtrade gold process and its philosophy. They loved that they were able to know exactly where their metal was sourced from and their choice meant Peruvian miners would receive a fair price for their gold which would in turn support their families. The couple see Fairtrade metal as an investment, knowing that one day they would pass on their rings as heirlooms. They considered the option of purchasing industry standard gold but they felt that for such a small additional price, why not opt for a metal that has much more of a story behind it that can also be passed on? Every piece of jewellery has a story and when that story involves the building of a new school or clean drinking water then it is most definitely a tale worth telling.

Have you considered choosing Fairtrade for your engagement and wedding rings? www.hkjewellery.co.uk/fairtrade-engagement-rings