Cluster Style Engagement Rings

Written by Chloe Drake on 18 February 2016

Cluster style engagement rings are proving to be very popular at the moment, unsurprisingly as they are such a beautiful style of engagement ring. They have been fashionable throughout time, but the styles have changed over time and these days there are so many options to choose from. So if you are looking for a cluster style engagement ring, but you’re not sure what to go for here are some of the different styles to get you thinking.


The classic cluster style engagement ring features a basket style design with claws to hold the side stones and the central stone, this usually has a lovely delicate look to it. If you want to your ring to really classic why not go for a traditional yellow gold band with a platinum or white gold head with brilliant cut diamonds or perhaps a blue sapphire central stone.

Modern classic

The modern classic cluster has a cleaner look to it than the traditional classic, so more flat metal is on show and the cluster is quite often on a plate of metal instead of in a basket design. The beauty of a plate design is that it allows your future wedding and eternity ring to slide under the plate and sit flat with your engagement ring. Here are two examples of modern but classic designs, both have a clean look in a white precious metal and have the central stone claw set with the smaller surrounding stones pave set for lots of lovely sparkle.

Vintage inspired

If you want something modern but with a vintage twist there are quite a few options to look at. If you really like that pretty vintage there are many options to give your engagement ring that look,  perhaps a delicate band, some graining detail, rose gold, or a pretty basket design. Here are two rings that are both vintage inspired but done in very different ways. This ring is quite classic but they have made it more of a vintage style by adding graining detail and going for a lovely delicate band and adding some beautiful lace inspired detail to the basket setting.

This ring also has a vintage look to it but is designed in a very different way. With the outer plate of the cluster petal shaped it gives the entire ring this really beautiful floral shaping and rose gold adds to the lovely delicate vintage feel.


If you want something more abstract the possibilities are endless, a piece of jewellery is like a piece of art you can wear, so if you’re looking for something really different why not go for an abstract design. The beautify of this style is you can select any gemstones you want in any colours you like  and piece them together to create any design in any shape you like, to create a really exciting one of a kind ring.

Inspired by

Here are a few examples of some clusters engagement rings that have theme that they are inspired by. This gives the ring a really lovely ‘edge’ to it and can make your ring really personal to you and your passions in life. It is a really lovely way of creating a ring with a slight twist, on a classic design style.

Coloured stones

If you don’t want diamonds this is not a problem at all, why not go for a more colourful and modern option and have your central gemstone surrounded by coloured gemstones. Here is a stunning example of a bespoke ring that has a stunning oval cut Tanzanite in the centre and it is surrounded by blue sapphires that graduate in colour, it’s a brilliant idea to put a bit of your personality in to your bespoke ring.


Different shapes

If you love the idea of a cluster but want something a bit with a bit more interest why not go for a different shaped plate, this works really well if you go for an unusual cut for the central stone, as making a plate the same size is a perfect way to frame the larger middle stone.

Alternatively you could for a traditional cut for the central stone and play about with different designs for the shape of the plate.


As you can see there are so many different options and these are just a few ideas to get you thinking. Why not book a consultation with one of our designers to design your unique cluster style engagement ring, just for you!