Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight with Fairtrade gold and chocolates

Written by Tim Alban on 21 February 2013

This Fairtrade Fortnight we are happy to be collaborating with Yorkshire-based chocolate company, Choc Affair, to show you that you don't have to skimp on luxury whilst making a positive impact with your shopping!

During Fairtrade Fortnight if you go ahead with a commission which is crafted in Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, or have a Fairtrade gold commission finishing during the fortnight you will get the delicious gift of a handmade Choc Affair chocolate heart. You can also grab one of these Fairtrade chocolate hearts if you choose to have a fairly traded stone in a commission, or opt to purchase one of our Ready to Wear rings which has been crafted in the Fairtrade metal.

Choc Affair's owner Linda, hit a brick wall several years ago when it came to a cosy afternoon of hot drinks and treats with her two lactose intolerant daughters. Conventional hot chocolate was not an option and so she took it upon herself to fill this gap in the chocolate market. After hours of intensive and time-consuming experiments, she discovered a tasty alternative to the drink using soya milk and high quality unrefined sugar, and Choc Affair was born!

They don't preach perfection, but positivity and they are a company where morals matter: family-run, local, ethical and striving to contribute to the local community. Choc Affair aspires to create a fun experience for children and families, creating delicious fairtrade chocolates - this is not just another generic supermarket-bought treat, these products are all hand-made in York and come to you with love and care!

Share your love for a commitment to a sustainable future and get shopping!

Fairtrade Fortnight runs between Monday 25th Feb and Sunday 10th March

Choc Affair Hearts