Bubble inspired engagement ring

Written by on 9 July 2010

Whilst being in our Hertfordshire studio for the past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest additions to the ready to wear engagement ringscurrently in the cabinets.

One ring in particular that caught my attention is this bubble inspired ring. The band of the ring is made from palladium and measures approximately 2.5mm wide. Also made from palladium are the all round settings, which at the widest point measure 9mm. The cooler blue white tones of the metal really suit the icy colours found in the medley of gemstones present in this stunning ring.

There are a total of eight gemstones present in the ring, including four different types of stone from diamonds, sapphires, moonstone and also a piece of blue-lace agate. The piece of blue-lace agate has been cut en Cabochon and weighs 0.52ct, the opaque blue and white tones of this stone tie in perfectly with the colour of the palladium and also adds a different dimension from the facetted stones that are present. Also present is a stunning cabochon cut Sri Lankan blue moonstone, that weighs 0.40cts, the beautiful sheen from this stone ties the blue-lace agate to the sapphires and diamonds. There are four sapphires in this ring, all are as beautiful as the next, there is a 0.19ct dark blue brilliant cut the colour of which adds extra depth to the overall appearance. There are two pale blue brilliant cut sapphires, one which weighs 0.13cts and the other 0.05ct both with a very crisp cold sparkle. To add a little warmth to the ring there is also a very pretty 2mm brilliant cut lilac sapphire and to add the extra sparkle two diamonds have also been set; one which is 1.75mm brilliant cut and H SI in colour and clarity and the other which is 0.10ct brilliant cut and H SI1 in colour and clarity.

I think the mixture of faceted and cabochon cut stones works wonderfully in this ring, contrasting against each other but also adding a very unique and interesting detail. Whilst the subtle tones in the varied gemstones complement each other beautifully with just enough sparkle.

Palladium bubble inspired engagement ring