Birthstones and Zodiacs

Written by April Page on 12 November 2015

Birth stones have always been a bit of a puzzle to me, there are so many variations of which stone represents the month of your birth depending on which chart you look at. Then once you’ve picked out the month stone you are faced with the dilemma of knowing whether or not to factor in your zodiac stone, and this is broken into which time period of the month you were born into.

It all does get a bit much after a while, so in order to give myself a bit more of an idea on which direction to send clients in when choosing a stone I did some research into the subject and came up with a simplified breakdown of the reasoning behind the zodiacs and birthstones. I hope this will help others who are as confused as myself.

So it all began in ancient times (the best things always happened back then!) when the people of the time noticed the sun moved through the sky and after a certain amount of time would start in the same position again. During the Babylonian and later on the Helenistic period astrologers broke the movement of the sun down  into 12 time periods and each period was given a name according to the star constellation that was present during that time, and so the zodiac we know today was created. During these times a lot of sway as also given to stones and their healing, protective and mystical powers. The actual assignment of certain stones to certain months or zodiac signs really only came about when Jewish historian, Josephus, noticed a connection between the 12 stones of Aaron’s breastplate, a sacred breast plate worn by the high priest of the Israelites, and the 12 periods of the year; each stone in the plate was a different colour and inscribed. Unfortunately not all the stones in the plate were easily available or practical to keep as a talisman so substitutes where found according to their availability. It is thought the original stones according to the breast plate were as follows:

Aries: carnelian                                                                

Taurus: peridot

Gemini: emerald                                                                

Cancer: ruby

Leo: lapis lazuli                                                                 

Virgo: onyx

Libra: sapphire                                                                 

Scorpio: agate

Sagittarius: amethyst                                                      

Capricorn: topaz

Aquarius: beryl                                                               

Pisces :jasper

Over the years the stones in the different charts have changed according to what is available during that time, but generally they have stuck to the colour of the original stones in the plate. There are so many variations of stones that represent that point in time when you personally made your mark on this sphere we call home. According to the zodiac, it depends on what season you were born in and then which part of the zodiac you were born in for example if you where during the last period of the Virgo zodiac you have a certain stone, but being born in the early stages of Virgo you find you have another stone. Once you have figured this out you can have a look at your month birthstone and find that it depends if you are looking at the traditional birthstone chart or the new more modern revised birthstone chart. If you have a look at the Harriet Kelsall website you will see a basic chart has been compiled which shows the various stones and the various  zodiacs, birth months and so on that they represent.

Overall I am of the opinion that people are drawn towards certain stones, for whatever reason be it a feeling of connection with that specific stone or just liking the colour. When choosing a stone to represent yourself go for what feels right and what you are drawn to, rather than use all the charts and over whelming amounts of opinion when it comes to your stone as a guide. Generally a person will find that the stone they like and are drawn to will come up in one or other chart as a stone of their birth month, day, year or zodiac!