Bespoke 'Blue Rose' engagement ring

Written by April Page on 5 August 2013

One of the most interesting things about meeting customers in appointments is hearing why they have decided to go down the route of commissioning a piece of jewellery rather than buying an item 'off the shelf'. For some it is simply that they can't find anything that is quite right or they have an existing piece which the new item will have to match. For others it is the added extra details a commissioned piece can include such as birthstones, personal inscriptions, 'inspired by' or favourite colours. The below is a commissioned engagement ring that included not one but all four such elements.

Sterling silver and topaz engagement ring

Jon wanted to create a unique engagement ring for Elaine which incorporated meaningful things to her. Firstly Jon knew it had to be based on a blue rose which had significance to them both, the stone Jon chose was a blue Topaz which is Elaine's birthstone and being a striking bluey green stone this also linked in with the colour of the sea as Elaine is a keen diver. The way in which these elements were combined was to create a sculptural 3D rose shape setting head, the outer surround an all around setting holding a 3mm brilliant cut topaz in the centre. The rose sits on top of a 3mm wide satinised band flanked either side by an engraved stem leading up to the flower and a leaf on the other side. To complete the very personal design Jon asked for a special Latin inscription to be engraved onto the outside of the band.

Blue Rose Watersports

When commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery it can be difficult to find a place to start as there are so many different options. What can also be tricky for some is visualizing how the finished article may look once all of the elements are combined. During his initial appointment Jon was shown the below ready to wear ring also inspired by a rose.

18ct white gold and diamond engagement ring

Luckily for Jon this ready to wear piece was the starting point of his designs, from the moment he looked at this ring all of the added elements he wanted to include fell into place. The result was beautiful not only in its appearance but also in the special elements which Jon had given extra thought to include.

April x