April is the month for a girls best friend - Diamonds!

Written by on 29 March 2011

The beautiful, brilliant diamonds are birthstones for the month of April and anniversary stones for 60 and 75 years of marriage. Celebrated as a girl's best friend, diamonds derive their name from the Greek word 'Adamas' which means invincible. These gems are internationally recognized as symbol of love, power, fearlessness and eternity.

Diamonds are popular for all jewellery, from the simplest to the most sophisticated because of their hardness, lustre and fire they can give.

Take a look, we have a new recycled diamond engagement and diamond wedding ring set in our cabinets!

White gold and diamond engagement ring

This pair of rings sits perfectly together. They were inspired by ripples on water and are made from 9ct white gold which has not been rhodium finished, to leave it with its more natural creamy-white colour. This lovely colour contrast perfectly with the bright white colour of the diamonds, further enhancing their sparkle. The central diamond weighs almost a quarter of a carat at 0.24cts and is approximately I/J SI2-Pk1 in colour and clarity. It is a lovely white sparkly stone which has been all around set to reflect the smoothness of the ripples in the band. The central diamond is a good ethical choice becuase it is recycled - it used to be part of a glamorous bar brooch (we have photographs of this brooch in case this is of interest) so will have sparkled its way round some wonderful ballrooms in its time! The band is about 3.75mm wide at its wider points and about 2mm wide at its narrower points and has a lovely rounded feel to the profile both inside and out. The 1.5mm white diamonds are fully brilliant cut and further add to the sparkle - they have been set in little almond shapes to echo the ripple shape of the bands. There are 2 in the engagement ring and 4 in the wedding ring.

Currently the most talked about diamonds are from the late Elizabeth Taylor's collection of amazing jewellery over the years. This includes the infamous Burton-Taylor diamond.

Burton Taylor Diamond

This is a 69.42 carat pear shape, later to be called the Taylor-Burton Diamond. It was cut from a rough stone weighing 240.80 carats found in the Premier Mine in 1966. When Elizabeth Taylor sold the diamond for allegedly $5,000,000 she planned that part of the proceeds was to build a hospital in Botswana.

With such a style Icon to follow, who wouldn't want to own and model such a stone with its own natural fire and when using a recycled stone comes with its own history.