A twist on the classic trilogy engagement ring

Written by on 25 June 2010

In a lot of the high street shops you tend to see the classic solitaires and multi stone diamond rings, and the trilogy is always a popular choice. Each individual stone has its own meaning the past, present and future. Working here at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, we don't need much of an excuse to add a bit of extra sparkle to one of our unique design.

Below is a fabulous three stone engagement ring here in our Hertfordshire Ready to Wear collection designed by Rebecca holding three brilliant cut H SI 1 quality diamonds - 0.20ct in the center with a 0.11ct either side totaling 0.42ct. The diamonds are held in a traditional claw settings letting the stones sparkle beautifully. The soft D shaped profile band measures 3mm wide and compliments the stones by tapering into the settings.

a trilogy engagement ring

As I'm sure you are all aware we like to put our own HK spin on classic designs making them individual for each of our customers and this ring recently designed by one of our talented designers Tracey Furlong definitely displays that. The platinum band holds a sparkly 5x4mm 0.38ct oval H Si diamond, the shoulders wrap around each two 2.5mm 0.12ct brilliant cut deep ocean blue sapphires.

a twist style engagement ring

The design is inspired by tumbling waves, the bands twist in opposite directions and really grasp the organic nature of waves. The band delicately measures 3mm wide at the back but tapers around the stones. Another fantastic aspect of this design is that it can be worn against a flat band, so there would be no need for a fitted wedding ring.

a twist style engagement ring

Above is another trilogy design in our ready to wear collection. This design combines both aspects of the above rings, the central 0.36ct G SI diamond is held in a traditional six claw setting and the two sparkly 2.5mm diamonds are set either side in a delicate four claw setting. The band has a soft d shaped profile measuring 3mm wide at the back tapering delicately to 1.8mm wrapping around each side setting. This ring can also sit well with a plain wedding ring.

Do pop into either of our showrooms and have a look for yourselves.