A beautiful kite shaped diamond

Written by Harriet Kelsall on 23 February 2012

I have just bought a stunning diamond pendant at auction as I plan to use the beautiful certificated G VVS2 diamond as a 'recycled' diamond. It is a kite shape (well a modified shield shape officially) and weighs 1.02cts (that is BIG!).

Kite shaped diamond 1.02cts

I just love this cut - it is low key and doesn’t sparkle as much as something like a brilliant cut so it works really well for people who like more simple designs or like the Art Deco engagement ring style.

It is currently in this pendant which is, in my opinion, a really bad use for this stone as it is underplays this beautiful stone. It will be much better in a beautiful and elegant ring.

Being a recycled diamond will mean that the price will be a bargain for whoever buys it and ethically I am very keen on recycled diamonds which are already out of the ground and are kind of pre-loved but ready for more and for a new lease of life. And as a diamond is billions of years old anyway - what do a few years of previous ownership matter? Having said that I never buy engagement rings to recycle diamonds from as sometimes people can be superstitious in case they may have been a symbol of an unhappy relationship.

I really want to design a ring for our ready to wear collection with this stunning kite shaped stone – something really simple and elegant - but I'm going to hold off for a while in case any of our customers would like to buy it for a bespoke piece instead as it really is such a stunner and so unusual. But get in touch quickly if you are interested!

Here are a few other rings we have recently designed and made with stones in similar unusual kite shaped cuts

Kite shaped amethyst 18ct white gold engagement ring kite shaped natural ruby Art Deco inspired platinum solitaire with a rare pink sapphire 9ct white gold engagement ring