9ct white gold twist style engagement ring with a brilliant cut diamond

Written by on 28 May 2010

I love it when we have new rings come into the showroom; I get so excited about seeing fresh ideas being made into jewellery and our designers are so good at their jobs that they keep making me change my mind about what I would want for a ring in the future. I am still deciding on what that might be but, for now here is my new favourite design in the showroom and it is this 9ct white gold diamond solitaire below.

White gold and diamond engagement ring

This ring has a lovely classic feel to it as well as having a contemporary twist combined into the design. The H SI diamond is 4.8mm in a brilliant cut and it is 0.46ct so it is quite delicate in appearance when worn on the hand but, the design makes it stand out perfectly. The stone is held in a six claw setting which allows you to see more of the diamond and the claws also allow more light to shine through the stone as there is less metal covering it up. Both of these design features allow the light to bounce through the diamond more and so it adds to its sparkle that draws more attention to the ring. It is made in 9ct white gold which suits all skin types but, the colour of the metal makes the diamond stand out more as the whiteness of the stone appears brighter against the creaminess of the white gold. I love this colour combination and I think that it would be a perfect choice for an engagement ring for any girl.

White gold and diamond engagement ring White gold and diamond engagement ring

We have a lot of rings which are designed in a twist formation which is a great feature to have in this modern world but this ring is a little more subtle in its construction. For me, the twist looks a lot like the crest of a wave as the twist is in an asymmetric arrangement. I love the sea and the shapes that the water forms and this ring always reminds me of this theme. I love the way that the metal gently sweeps up to the stone and then sweeps away in a similar motion towards the back of the ring. It all flows so elegantly and it looks beautiful on the hand as it sits so comfortably and looks so natural between the fingers.

The tapering of the metal towards the stone helps to show off the diamond again as the gold becomes more slender as it flows towards the setting. A wedding band would look gorgeous against this ring too as you could have another shaped band below the engagement ring which would only enhance the asymmetric design. Depending on your style, you could have a wide or a narrow wedding band to match as the engagement ring as it is so graceful in width that it would leave plenty of room for you to add your own character to the wedding ring. Here are a couple of examples of the types of wedding and engagement ring sets that you could go for.

White gold and amethyst engagement and wedding ring set Platinum and diamond engagement ring

I really like the organic feel to the twist designs, they can be made to any shape and size that you are after and the end result is always the same, a beautifully unique ring for you and you alone. There are so many options to choose from when designing a matching wedding band. You could tailor it to your own style and have all sorts of contrasts to the engagement ring if you wanted to for example you could choose another metal to contrast the colours, you could have a different surface finish or you could always add some engraving or some stones to give the ring its own individual character; or you could go with a lovely matching set like the ones above.

I think that modern adaptations on a classic design are gorgeous as you get the best of both worlds. We have some more wedding and engagement ring sets coming along soon so, why not come down to the showroom and have a look and see which one tickles your fancy?