18ct rose gold heart shaped diamond engagement ring

Written by on 2 July 2010

Heart shaped diamonds are brilliant at creating a distinctive romantic piece of jewellery, whether it be in a pair of earrings, pendant or a stunning engagement ring. Heart shaped diamonds are often referred to as one of the fancy cut diamonds and are relatively uncommon due to the unusual nature of the shape, making them extra special!

heart shaped engagement ring

A heart cut diamond starts off as a pear shaped diamond which has a cleft cut into its top. The complexity of the cut requires great skill from the cutter to ensure a lovely balanced shape with rounded lobes and a relatively distinct cleft. Most heart shape cut gems are nearly round which has the advantage of having a nearly round pavilion, providing optimum brilliance and fire.

To give you an idea, have a look at this beautiful bespoke engagement ring which is currently in our ready to wear collection. This sparkly heart shaped H SI diamond weighs 0.22cts and has been set in a smooth 18ct white gold setting. The smooth and slightly rounded setting emphasizes the shape of the heart and slightly overhangs the 18ct rose gold band so that a plain unshaped wedding band can fit up next to the engagement ring by slipping underneath. The band of the ring is 2mm wide creating a delicate appearance whilst drawing attention to beautiful shaped diamond and contrasting setting.

A heart shaped diamond is perfect for any time of year, so if you are an incurable romantic at heart, why not choose a heart shaped diamond for your very own commission.