Shaped designs

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Shaped designs

As engagement rings have become increasingly decorative, it’s not always simple to find a wedding ring that fits comfortably alongside. Shaped wedding bands are essential in this instance, particularly to avoid any ongoing damage to the engagement ring from knocking or constant rubbing.

We can design a bespoke wedding band that complements your engagement ring. It’s our job to make a band that is beautiful in its own right, enhancing the engagement ring rather than upstaging it! 

Have a look at some of the ways we achieve this hereYou’ll see the most popular choices; jigsawed to match the shape, caged around the engagement ring, a wishbone shape, a wave shape matching the line of the curve, laid under or over and open to allow the engagement ring space.

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We just wanted to say one thing...WOW! Our wedding rings are just stunning; I love the way mine fits my engagement ring yet is also totally beautiful on its own.

Rebecca and Will