The Bespoke Experience


Most of the wedding bands you can buy online or on the high street are mass produced. Many are very light and some are even cut from a tube!

We believe that wedding rings should be made with love and last a lifetime, so our goldsmiths hand craft and carefully finish all of our wedding bands in our workshop, using enough precious metal to ensure it lasts as long as the marriage it symbolises.

And if you’ve gone for something a little less classic, then it’s likely that your wedding band will be unique so we’ll give you a clear quotation on your design at the outset. But, as with any of our wedding rings, our prices can’t be compared with mass produced lightweight machine made bands, even if they purport to be of a similar type. What we can promise, is that when you make your promise, you’ll be doing it with a ring that will last you a lifetime.

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Absolutely love my ring! Thanks so much for all your help. I am thrilled.

Gillian and Peter