Written by Chloe Drake on 10 April 2017

The latest trend in the world of jewellery is asymmetry, with many pieces featuring gemstones in a variety of colours and cut to create an effective and striking design. This blog takes a look at the different design options to achieve a beautiful and timeless asymmetrical look:

A large central stone in an engagement ring can be complemented by a mixture of surrounding stones.

Arranging the gemstones in an off-set line is also an effective layout option. Or for more of a traditional style, a selection of stones arranged organically in the centre of the ring can form an abstract cluster.

Using the same gemstone in a variety of different cuts creates a unique asymmetrical design. This beautiful eternity ring achieves this with a contrasting selection of diamonds in varying cuts and shapes in all around settings of differing heights. Different cuts create different amounts of sparkle, for example a brilliant cut diamond has the most sparkle, whereas a baguette cut diamond has more of an icy look to it, so the combination in one ring creates a really beautiful contrast.

Varying gemstones in different hues of one colour can look great together. This design is inspired by the night sky and combines stones of different colours and cuts. It is particularly effective as some of the stones are translucent and others are more sparkly.

Combining family birthstones is also a great want to create an interesting and colourful design

This eternity ring looks like a piece of modern art in design. The mix of blue tones and green gemstones work perfectly together to create a lovely organic feel.

If you have your own diamonds or gemstones, asymmetrical design is a great option as it encourages the amalgamation of stones in various cuts, colours and sizes to create beautiful contemporary jewellery.