Astrological Stones Chart

You could use your astrological birthstone in your engagement ring. This chart shows each star sign and its corresponding birthstones.

Using an astrological stone in a piece of jewellery adds another personal meaning making your jewellery even more unique. Including an astrlogical stone in an engagement ring is a lovely way of showing your partner the level of thought and care included within their special bespoke design.

CAPRICORN Dec 22nd - Jan 21st Ruby
AQUARIUS Jan 21st - Feb 21st Garnet
PISCES Feb 22nd - Mar 21st Amethyst
ARIES Mar 21st - Apr 20th Bloodstone
TAURUS Apr 21st - May 21st Sapphire
GEMINI May 22nd - Jun 21st Agate
CANCER Jun 22nd - Jul 22nd Emerald
LEO Jul 23rd - Aug 22nd Onyx
VIRGO Aug 23rd - Sep 22nd Carnelian
LIBRA Sep 23rd - Oct 23rd Peridot
SCORPIO Oct 24th - Nov 21st Emerald or Aquamarine
SAGITTARIUS Nov 22nd - Dec 21st Topaz