Using Fairtrade Gold

Using Fairtrade Gold

Written by Tim Alban on 19 February 2011

Following Alice's indepth article about licenced Fairtrade and Fairmined gold which is well worth a read, I thought I'd follow that up by adding a bit more about how we will be doing this a Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery.

We are one of the first twenty jewellers in the world to be licenced to work in Fairtrade gold - a fact that we are very proud about, but the way we will be doing this is a little different to most of the other jewellers.

Rather than produce a 'range' of Fairtrade gold jewellery we are going to be offering all of our bespoke customers the opportunity to 'upgrade' their gold bespoke engagement ring to a fair trade engagement ring. This will mean paying a small suppliment, but because of the certification process that we have been doing, customers can be 100% sure that this suppliment goes directly to the miners.

For the price of a meal out customers can upgrade to fair trade gold and we are hoping that this is something that pretty much everyone commissioning a gold engagement ring from us will think hard about doing - it really does mean so much to the people who benefit.

What's more is that an engagement ring that is made with licenced fair trade gold will be hallmarked with the special Fairtrade hallmark - available exclusively to the licenced jewellers of which we are one. We are sure that this is something that will make an engagement ring very special indeed in many ways.

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